A School of Life

In Socrates on the beach, Issue Nine, september 2023. English translation by Tobias Ryan de Une école buissonnière (AOC, 2021)

“Patrick Autréaux’s bewitching “A School of Life” (translated from the French by Tobias Ryan) tells of the author’s beginnings as a writer, while sunk in the profession of doctor, before his own bout of illness settles over the whole picture, creating certain paradoxes.” (Greg Gerke, Editor of Socrates on the beach)

“From the beginning of my studies, I considered the progressive inner desiccation that medical thinking induced as though it were a symptom to be concealed. If at first I had been keen to master its knowledge and methods, I felt there was a tendency in medicine to systematize a kind of reasoning that threatened to extinguish the irreducible mystery one might want to interrogate when faced with a body going haywire, with madness, or when confronting the fate of a sick individual. I sometimes even had the impression that in depriving me of that, it was undoing me…”

Socrates on the beach
Issue Nine, September 2023