The word made visible

Ursulines' Museum (Mâcon, France), 2009

… Certain combinations call for the spectator to stay patient so that the network of fibres and meaningful glances, suspended between a crashing or a crackling, between a flash and subdued light, can come into being. Focused on these micro-dialogues, the gaze seizes, in a vague or obvious manner, what the quest for a fine balance has woven in a randomly intuitive way.

A cry or a murmur, tranquillity or keen emotion. The encounter makes it possible for unexpected harmonics or dissonances to be heard. Confronting, opposing or moving away from the works, what we have called the word becomes audible, where eye and ear work in concert in a subtle synaesthesia.

Our eye listens, said Claudel, and perceives an apparition, which is a sort of spell. The fruits of a tropism, which has concentrated the strength and the density of the occasion of their birth, these works bind before our eyes, within us, their tiny embryonic roots and trace the faceless face of a sensitivity and awareness which beckons us to follow.

(translated by John Baker)