L’instant du toujours

Editions du Chemin de fer. November 3rd 2022.

Would “the moment of forever” be that moment of greatest intensity, of eternity or of collapse? Could it be the lie that we desire with all our heart and at the same time the illusion tearing apart? An intoxicating denudation or the hole opened in us by melancholy in love? Inspired by a re-reading of Simone Weil’s short essay, L’amour de Dieu et le malheur, four texts are arranged around what appears to be an enigma.
The fictional monologue of a woman who has survived a toxic love affair is echoed by three autobiographical fragments in which Patrick Autréaux examines passion in the light of the experience of unhappiness that sometimes comes with the end of a love relationship.
As the story unfolds, Alice Gauthier’s images are particular moments, questions rather than answers. Light and subtle suggestions. Graceful, they never settle, remaining there, suspended in the air.