Through a writer’s eye. Literature and Life.

I will be writer-in-residence at Boston University on Fall 2024. And will teach my doctoral seminar : Through a writer’s eye.

This seminar in French offers a subjective journey of readings on the theme of trauma: temporality of trauma, vacillating identity, writing the sick self, testifying for oneself, for the other, writing war, and more. Each session will center on reading and commenting on one or more texts (articles, essays, or short novels by Sartre, Deleuze, Blanchot, Levi, Delbo, Genet, Mukasonga, Mavrikakis, Nancy, Alleg, Duras, etc). Several guest authors will participate in sessions. During this semester, students will develop an intimate reflection on the act of writing and its links with life events, particularly traumatic ones.

Ill. Sayat Nova, by Serguei Parajanov